Ahoy! Mateys!!! We’ve got everythin’ a Gothic Pirate be needin’! Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Corsets, Skirts, Dresses, Bags (for your treasures), Hats, Guns, swords, etc……

We specialize in Pirate Cosplay, Costumes, Fancy Gothic Clothing, Fantasy Garb, Dress Up and all thing Pirate and Gothic. Some of our Swords are sharp and should be used with caution. All of our guns are are non-firing props  replicas or, toys (not real)!

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Remember whether you’re going to pillage a village, go to a Faire, or go dancing at Ball we have Hats to Boots and everything in-between. We are a one stop Pirate shop for all your Gothic Pirate needs!

What arrrr ye waitin’ fer?

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Gothic Pirates